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Coalescer- & Separator Elements

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Coalescer- & Separator Elements

Coalescer cartridges for separating liquid-liquid mixtures

Coalescence is the merging of smaller droplets to form larger ones. As the droplet size increases, its specific surface area decreases, which also reduces the frictional resistance and the droplets rise or fall faster.

ALINO-IS coalescence cartridges achieve this effect in a special fibre layer through which both liquids flow. Finest droplets wet the inner surface of the coalescence elements, whereby they combine to form larger drops. With coalescence elements, a significantly better separation can be achieved than with Coalescing Plates.

Depending on the external (continuous) phase, a distinction is drawn between separation of organic substances from water and water separation from hydrocarbons.

Coalescing elements can be equipped with an internal filter that prevents solids from entering the special fibre bed.

Coalescence Element

Industry Service

Separator Elements

Water separation with downstream separator elements - for reliable separation

Separator elements are used for best separation results when separating water from an organic phase. Separator elements consist of a water-repellent PTFE membrane and are installed downstream of the coalescence elements. Fine water droplets roll off the membrane while the organic phase can pass freely.

Separator Element