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Droplet Separation

Wire Mesh Droplet Separators (Demisters)

For separation of medium-fine droplets with low pressure drop

ALINO-IS Wire Mesh Droplet Separators are knitted meshes made of thin stainless steel wires or special plastic. They have a large surface area and flow contact surface, which ensures that the droplets can be captured excellently.

Wire Mesh Droplet Separators are often used in evaporators or separation columns to prevent liquid from seeping into the gas flow. Furthermore, mesh pads are used in cooling systems with wet cooling, in condensers or after scrubbers. The separated liquid is fed back into the process.

We can manufacture mesh pads in different shapes to meet your requirements. Depending on the thickness of the layer, mesh pads can separate droplets down to a size of 2 ‑ 5 µm from a gas stream.

If higher separation rates need to be achieved, Fiberbed Mist Eliminators made of special fibres should be used.

Demisters out of stainless steel:

Demisters, manufactured in segments

Knitted Wire Mesh Droplet Separators can be manufactured in almost any shape - whether a small mesh pad for installation in an apparatus flange or a pad manufactured in segments for simple installation through small vessel openings.

Special designs made to measure:

Custom-fit mesh pad

Precisely manufactured mesh pad

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