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Filter Technology

Filter technology for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Filters serve many different purposes and therefore have very different characteristics.

Our filters are used with different exchangeable inserts as pre-filters of our apparatuses to protect their function. For example in front of coalescers, which separate gasoline from water, they ensure their functionality and also extend the service life of the coalescence inserts. This can lead to considerable savings in operating costs.

Equipped with pleated filter elements we offer all common filter finenesses from 500 µm to 1 µm size for finest particles.

Filter vessels

We offer individual solutions with different construction methods. Simple pressure vessels made of steel or various stainless steels (1.4404, 1.4571) for pressures of 6 bar are also possible as well as apparatus for 60 bar.

The apparatuses are designed according to your individual requirements. Depending on the application or the available floor space or roof height ("head space"), our apparatuses can be designed horizontally or vertically.

We react flexibly to your requests and individual requirements.

Filter Elements

With a wide range of different filter elements we can achieve different finenesses.

Depending on the field of application, our elements can separate coarse particles of a few millimetres up to the finest particles with sizes below 1 µm.


ALINO-IS also offers special designs of filter inserts.

For example, the properties of the filter elements can be specifically adapted to your needs with various filter papers, special support fabrics and different lengths and diameters

Example: A compact two-stage microfilter for pyrolysis gasoline. Each stage consists of a number of filter cartridges arranged in parallel for maximum surface area and optimum flow.

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