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Droplet Separation

Fiberbed Mist Eliminators

Mist Elimination Fiberbed Mist Eliminators

The heart of our fiberbed mist eliminators are special fibers. Supported by a robust cage, they are wound with the highest precision able to reliably capture and eliminate even smallest particles in the submicron range.
For mist and aerosols smaller than 1 μm.


Droplet Separation Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators
(Mesh Pads)

Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Used for example for the separation of condensate from natural gas or in steam applications. The Demisters can be manufactured individually in many shapes to fit.
For droplets >5 μm.

vane type droplets separators

Droplet Separation Vane Type Droplet Separators

Vane type droplet separators units are available as round pressure vessels or in rectangular unpressurized design. The vane elements can be made out of all common stainless steels.
For droplets >10 μm.